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Welcome to the paTio!

22 Jul

What’s “the paTio”?

The paTio is a confidential, non-judgmental group for trans, genderqueer or questioning people and SOFFAs (Significant Others, Friends, Family and Allies) to meet and share resources, stories, experiences and support.

When and Where?

The patio is currently on hiatus from physical meetings

What “the paTio” strives to be:

Confidential – In a world where it is difficult to live our lives without scrutiny and judgement from other people, the paTio aims to provide a space that is kept confidential, including not only attendees, but also stories told, opinions shared and questions asked.

Supportive – The group is made up of trans, genderqueer or questioning people and SOFFAs who come to share their experience, get support from others living through similar experiences and offer their own support.

Accessible –  The paTio strives to be as accessible as possible. We recently moved to a space that is physically accessible and try to meet the needs of anyone who wants to attend. If there is a way that the paTio can be more easily accessed for you, please let us know.

Inclusive – There’s a space for everyone at the paTio; all genders, identities, experiences, knowledge levels, etc. Our organizers consist of trans/genderqueer individuals as well as SOFFAs. Want to learn to become a better ally? Come on out. Have questions on what it’s like to transition? Come out and ask an individual who’s been through it. Need support after a family member’s identity has changed? Come out and get it.

Fluid – The paTio is fluid in content and structure. We do not define the ‘right’ way to identify. We believe that each individual creates their own identity and follows whatever process that is right for them. The topics are directed to what attendees are interested in and we work to provide information from a variety of sources and perspectives.

Non-committal – The paTio is a drop-in group. We meet the first and third Tuesday of every month. Each month we offer meetings on a specific topic and theme our discussions/speakers/movies, etc on that theme. Come to the meetings that you are interested in, skip the ones you aren’t or come to all. There is no pressure to commit to a set number of meetings – whatever works for you.